About Us

Writing an About Us page is the most boring thing we can think of. We'd prefer to let you find out about us through our writing. We'll just tell you why we started this blog. Our jobs have endowed us with more pent-up snark than we can withstand. We need to unleash the sarcasm somewhere other than at our minions (it's fun to shred the minions apart, of course, but it could get us fired). So we started this blog, because there's nothing more entertaining than mocking those celebs, coz, well, they deserve it. We hope you like what we write.

A few notes:

1. Wikipedia definition of parody and Fake Blog

2. If you’re thinking of suing us for anything written here, you’re
(a) An Ass
(b) Totally jobless

3. If you like what we write, tell your friends about us. It helps if we have more readers, gives us more of a push to write better stuff.

4. You got any good ideas/sketches, write in to us. We’re lazy people, we enjoy a helping hand.

5. Nothing, actually. We just wanted to have five points