Monday, May 3, 2010

Jesse James

WHO AM I: TV Personality

Yeah, so I banged a couple of chicks on the side. So what? I mean, this is Hollywood, nobody eats homemade food anymore. What’s the whole hoo-haa? Woodsie did it, why can’t I?


Sunday, May 2, 2010

From the Admin Desk: Week 5

Okay, so we've been kinda quiet last week. So what? Guys, there are many bloggers whose blog is their sole source of income, but we're not it. We get zero, nada, zilch, from this blog; for us, it's a passion, not a profession. So that means that in our professions, we get screwed over a lot. Last week was a hectic barrage of deadlines at our respective jobs, and we couldn't even check our mail, let alone post stuff on this blog. We won't apologize, we have money to earn and mouths to feed. But we promise to try and be more regular in the future.

Hmm, so who do we have on this week? We've got a lot of contenders, but we thought we'd put the guy whose created the most news in the last month or so. Who is it? Come back tomorrow to find out!