Sunday, July 11, 2010

From the Admin Desk: Week 7

Big day today, huh? My co-editor is off, doing his god-knows-what preparations for the final, leaving me here to look after the blog. Though we've been back from the wilderness for a while, we haven't really done much looking after coz, well, there wasn't enough time. It's my first visit to Jo'burg, and apart from the sights and sounds, there have been so many huge upsets that we can hardly stand still anymore. We had Maradona bragging about his greatness a couple of weeks earlier, now El Diego has become El Losero. The blog has had mainly visits from the Biggest Losers, coz, let's face it, we really didn't think Netherlands was going to be anywhere near the final. 

Anyway, for those who are following the World Cup (and miraculously following this blog too), enjoy the final. For the others, well, enjoy your Sunday. 


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fabio Capello

WHO AM I: Football coach

Roo's been here, has he? The worthless lazy good-for-nothing pathetic scoundrel, he's the worst of the band of nincompoops I had to bring to South Africa. He's out of my team, that's for sure. I will put a pot-smoking country hick in his place, but I will not call him back.