Friday, January 1, 2010


They jump out at you from the tabloids, and now they bring their larger-than-life egos to this really small blog. Here's a list of the dudes and dudettes of showbiz who've graced our little home.

Demi Lovato
Pauly D
The Situation
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift
Jennifer Lopez
James Franco
Conan O'Brien
Tila Tequila
Lindsay Lohan
Sandra Bullock
Charlie Sheen
Jay Leno
Joaquin Phoenix
Katherine Heigl



These are the people who couldn't be slotted in the Big Four.

Social Work
Medha Patkar

Lestat De Lioncourt
Jacob Black
Hermione Granger



They rule, or want to rule nations; they frame laws that affect our lives. But are they the wise do-gooders they claim to be? You be the judge.

Michelle Bachmann
Sarah Palin
Christine O'Donnell
Sheila Dikshit



They are the next big things, the next big moneymakers, the non-n00bs of the Net. Here are the people who have redefined the way we use our computers, trying to redefine the way people look at our site.

Michelle Malkin
Mark Zuckerberg
Perez Hilton
Jorge Cham



They are the moneybags, those uber-rich people who seem to have it all. And do they know how to flaunt their riches! Here are some of the billionaires who managed to find their way to our poor house.

Rupert Murdoch
Carl Icahn
Abdul Karim Telgi
Lachlan Murdoch
Hugh Hefner
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Cuban
John Sculley



They are often as well known for their showmanship on the field as they are for their antics off it. Here are some of the sportsmen (and women) who can make time stop still.

Suresh Kalmadi
LeBron James
Fabio Capello
Wayne Rooney
Diego Maradona
Sania Mirza