Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miley Cyrus

WHO AM I: Singer, Actress

Miley Cyrus

Oh, me n’ Liam are having such a great time! It’s gonna be good with us, we’re gonna rock the party, babe!

U guys have heard, haven’t ya? I’m leaving Hannah Montana, n I’m leaving the music scene too. Stop moaning, sillies! I mean, come on, how long do u expect me to be sweet lil’ Hannah? I’m hot, I’m sexy, I’m the next Madonna, but as long as I stay within the Hannah image, I gotta do all the good girl stuff. God, I can’t lead the Hollywood high life I was born for, I have to go hide behind the bushes to smoke it up, so that the paparazzi don’t get pics of me going high, and I don’t get angry letters from parents saying I’m a “corrupting influence”. Hey u fuddy-duddy moms and pops, grow up! Ur kids ain’t Lil’ Bo Peep anymore, and neither am I.

Music’s not really my scene right now, I’m more into acting. I so rocked The Last Song, I had the audience in tears, and it’s like this stepping stone for bigger things to come. There’s more money in the movies, and considering that I’m a born actress, it’s a piece of cake for me. Of course, music is a piece of cake for me too, but I’m stuck with the stupid Hannah image there too, and people curse me if I dare do anything different (Teen Choice anybody?). But in the movies I can play all those roles that define me n I love doing, like Julia’s hooker role in Pretty Woman or Angie in Original Sin. Once I get out of my bloody Disney contract, I’m gonna rock Hollywood baby, I’m gonna be the female Will Smith.

So, do u want a role in the series finale of Hannah Montana? I’m not so sure what it’s gonna be about, but it’s definitely gonna be this supercool coming-of-age thing where Miley ditches Jake and gets a proper long term bf (played by Liam, btw) n there is this superhot kiss ‘tween them (we’re practicing already!) There r quite a few parts open n u guys can audition for any of them. I’ll be selecting the finalists and if u wanna be one of them, put together a supercool dance routine involving my songs for bonus points. If ur good, u r on.

I gotta go. Liam’s waiting.