Monday, October 4, 2010

Katherine Heigl

WHO AM I: Actress

I’m pretty, I’m sexy, and I’m blond no more. And if you’re thinking of watching me make out with some more people in Grey’s, forget it. I’m not going back to that garage drama when I got bigger things on my plate.

Are you guys still hung up over me leaving Grey’s? I don’t understand what the big fuss was. Hey, isn’t it like obvious- I’m way too big for Grey’s. TV was just a way to pass time, while the movie hotshots realized I was the next Julia Roberts. I mean, it was just something I did to please Shonda, coz she needed at least one pretty face to jazz up her show. And then b**ch wouldn’t let me go at all. Kept dragging up all obscure legal stuff to keep me tied to my contract, and in one instance, even threatened to release my sex tape with Josh to keep me on the show. Girl, why the hell would I stay? It’s not even like she gave me a great storyline, all that weepy shit about Denny and cancer and stuff was just to get back at me, to make people get pissed off at my character’s patheticness, and in extension, get pissed off at me and not come to my movies. Do you know how many roles I missed out on while being stuck with Izzie? God, it’s always worse with women. Clooney had no problem ditching ER for that stupid Batman costume. Seriously, if I hadn’t stopped coming to work when I did, bitch would have killed my career.

So, do you want a date with the prettiest, hottest woman in Hollywood (ME, you idiots!)? Yeah, yeah, you might get to go to second base too, provided you are really hot. So, what you got to do? Make a video of me, showing how hot and gorgeous and utterly fantabulous I am (you can include pics of my wardrobe malfunction too, to spice it up). One condition: NO Grey’s pics or clips. Any video using it will be disqualified. The top 20 videos will be put up on my site, and the winner, well…I don’t have to say much, do I?

Go slave over the video. I’ve got a hot shoot with Ashton and Gerard and a snake. Damn, I wanted to talk about them and the things we were up to. Maybe another time.

Hottie Katie

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