Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taylor Swift

WHO AM I: Singer

This world is after me. I’m such a great singer, I’m beautiful, I’ve got more X Factor than Mr X himself, and still, people are so cruel to me. The world sucks!

First, it was that goddamn West. Bloody drunkard, he stole my moment. I was going to give such a brilliant speech, and he took it all away. Oh, I am so going to thrash him in my next song. Thinking of calling it “Waste of Space” or something like that. Yes, I know it was a long time ago, but it still hurts. And then I got looked over during the Country Music Awards where Carrie walked off with everything on her shelf. And now that Gaga b**ch walked off with my glory at the VMAs. It seems like everybody has forgotten me! Oh, fame, thou art fickle to the core! Could be the first line of my next song.

Music is something I have loved since I was a little kid. Did you know that I was the youngest songwriter Sony ever hired? It’s been an awesome journey, and I have miles left to go. It’s never been all easy, I have had quite a few heartbreaks, especially Joe. The way he treated me was despicable, he is one more guy who’s gotta watch out for my next album- he will be skewered! Oh, there will be no names involved; I’m not like Eminem, I’ve got my squeaky clean image to take care of. But Joe and Kanye are not going to get away easy, I promise! Anyways, I’m looking for love, since that’s the only thing missing from my perfect story. Heartbreaks are a part of life, it’s only after your heart is broken will you find the guy who can put it together and keep it that way (hey, I can put all that in a song too!)

Most people come on this blog wanting something from their fans. I’ve got a lot of love from you guys, and I really don’t want anything else. But I’d like to give you a chance to have what I’ve got, a Christmas present from me to all of you (or whoever’s lucky enough to win it). You know that I write all my songs, but today I’m offering one of my fans an opportunity to co-write a song with me. Just send me a song you’ve written. If I like your song and your performance, you can get a chance to co-write a song for my next album. Thing is, I’m getting stuck at a couple of places and I could do with a fresh outlook. Upload your songs on my MySpace page, and I’ll pick the best. Be fearless, find your own love story and we’ll have our song.

Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!

Crooner forever,


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