Monday, November 8, 2010

Michelle Malkin

WHO AM I: Political blogger

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even write for a blog like this, one run by a person whose grandfather came over to sweep New York’s streets and who now works at one of the most evil corporations in the world- a bank whose best achievement is committing fraud. But media is media, and I will even come on B**chy Behar’s show to prove that she’s a jackass, so I guess I can make an exception for this non-entity.

Immigrants, they are the cancer of this nation, a cancer that has been slowly eating away at the jobs of hard-working white Americans till one day, this nation will be nothing but a Picasso painting- meaningless blocks of nothing. They come from their worthless Third World countries, use our money and eat our food, and drive thousands of our boys into depression and death by taking their jobs. Those jihadi children, how dare they even look at our glorious country with their scavenging eyes? I’ll tell you how. Because our lawmakers in power allow them to. These lawmakers include a certain President who, if I remember right, was born to a Kenyan dude who had a one-night stand with his mom, and who spent his formative years in a dictatorship. No wonder he champions the cause of illegals so vocally- he’s one himself. Our country gave him sanctuary and let him become its President, and look at what he has done. He’s raised our budget deficits by $5 trillion, he’s responsible for the spiraling unemployment rates, he’s creating death panels with his health “reform” plans.

It’s time for us to fight for our rights, for our land, for our money, for our resources. No more can we allow our country to be overrun by dogs. Stewart organized his Rally for Sanity where a handful of people turned up to see him ridicule paragons of our country like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. I’m holding a counter-rally on November 30, a Rally to Restore American Dignity. I’ve called my good friend and future President Sarah Palin to be the keynote speaker at the rally, and you will see more of America’s heroes at the event. There are also tickets to a private after-party where you can meet all the speakers and have a heart-to-heart with them. Tickets are priced at $500, and you can buy them off my blog,

Save your date, and be there for your country, for your dignity, for yourself.


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