Sunday, April 11, 2010

From the Admin Desk: Week 2

Well, the iPad released last week, and we’d thought we’d release a Jobs post in celebration of the occasion (and to cash in on the iPad link rage). We knew his personal assistant (a.k.a. slave) quite well, so we thought it would be a piece of cake. But unfortunately, the girl we knew had been fired and a new assistant had taken her place, a guy we didn’t know (but are establishing connections with, right now). That guy laughed at us when we asked him if Jobs would write a post for us, and said “Meester Jobs write for an unknown (and at that time unreleased) blog? I doubt if even John Sculley would write for your blog!” We accepted the challenge and called Monsieur Sculley up. He jumped at the chance (nobody had called him for anything for a month!), and so we have a Sculley rant instead of a Jobs one. Our apologies to the Apple fans- we love Apple too, at least the eatable one, we don’t own any Apple gadgets (yet).

Look out for an interesting lineup this upcoming week.