Sunday, April 4, 2010

From the Admin Desk: Week 1

What’s up? Not much. Spent the whole of the last two days refreshing the inbox every five minutes waiting for Brad to reply, but he hasn’t, not yet. We’d planned a huge fireworks display of sorts, you know, getting Brad Pitt to write for us in the very first week. But Brad’s not been replying to our frantic mails and even more frantic calls; we think he and Angie are at it again (fighting or making out, we’re not sure, could be lots of both). So we’re stuck with a kind of insipid lineup for the week. Maybe it’s just as well, we’re not really sure if anybody other than us is reading this, so maybe we should save up the crackling posts for later.

Well, Happy Easter. And if you see Brad, will you please tell him to call us back? Tell him we’ll send over a magnificent roasted duck if he calls us quick.

P.S. Brad loves duck, and Angie is vegan. You know what happens next.