Sunday, June 20, 2010

From the Admin Desk: Reboot

In the last week of April, we got assigned to a pretty remote part of the world for a really important job. Little did we know that the job would be a life-changing experience for us. Well, it's not the nature of the job as such, but the nature of the location that was life-changing. We were in the middle of nowhere, with no cellphone coverage or Internet connection for miles around. For me and my co-editor, who've never lived without either since high school, it was a traumatic experience at first. It took all we had to prevent ourselves (and the other one) from (a) overdosing on sleep meds or (b)killing someone and going to jail, where there would atleast be a TV. But we stuck it out, and the fat cheque at the end of our travails was so worth it. Or was it?

Because when we got back to civilization (yesterday, btw), we realized that, not only had we ignored our blog for nearly two whole months, but we had left Jesse James on the top (no pun intended). My dear co-editor went into hysterics and is right now sleeping a sedated sleep. I spent the night frantically calling up people and managed to line up a couple of posts for this week. Since it's World Cup time, and we are in Jo'burg (oh, did we forget to tell you that?), we have a football-themed lineup, and we did manage to snag a couple of biggies and "the hand of clod" too! This is a reboot of sorts for this blog, and the next time we disappear, we promise we'll put somebody in charge. 

And we have tickets for the World Cup!!!