Sunday, October 17, 2010

From the Admin Desk: Week 11

Ever since the Commonwealth Games started in India, one half of this blogging team has been slightly distracted, praying that the whole thing doesn't come crashing down. The stadiums, I mean. Especially after those shit-laden pics were splashed all over the British press, that half has been making frantic phone calls to every living soul they know in India, trying to get the Indian Olympic Committee chairman for his comments. And finally, after the Games finished, he deigned to give us a piece. So, to get back at him for his high-handedness, and to soothe the other half's frayed nerves, I suggested that his post teamed up with that of a couple of notorious characters from India, who were quite eager to share their views with us. We think it's the best set of posts we've had in a long time. Keep reading, and tell us if you agree.