Sunday, November 14, 2010

From the Admin Desk: Week 15

We were just going through our mail and we found three things. One was the three hundredth mail from Tila Tequila to publish her post. We got her post a long while back and just forgot about it coz, well, who wants to think about her? I thought, fine, let's publish her post, at least she'll stop spamming us.

Another has been a very popular mail doing the rounds: Obama's foreign tour expenses. If you've watched Fox News, you definitely know the whole balance sheet, including how many toilet rolls he's going to be using. We decided to try and find the source of the mail and after a lot of high-tech backtracking by a good friend, we traced the source to, who else, a GOP person! Well, she was only too happy to talk. We've also got a big-ticket business dude up here, a corporate raider who makes companies tremble in their boxers. Hope you have fun reading what they have to say.

The third thing. It was from my boss. He wanted to know why I was wasting company time doing all this "absolute nonsense".